What you need to know about adding Google+ for Business

Google+ Your Business Pages
OK, this is just the start.  Google+ for Business is launching today, are you Ready?

I am going to try to provide you links to all the important info you will need.  I'll be updating this as I find more info:

Here is the link to add your Google+ biz page, but you may get a message stating that you can't add it yet. They are still rolling it out:

I was finally able to add my UniqueThink page late this afternoon:

So, why do you want to be on Google+ for your business? Because they will be tying it in with search results!

Things you may want to have, to create your initial page – You can add your company from your Google Places, if you have that set up:

  • Your company icon
  • A short description of what you do
  • Business Hours
  • Images – I put up some screenshots of WordPress Websites that UniqueThink has created, then went and added comments to describe each project

There is definitely more you can add, but that is what you'll need right away.  You can then share with your connections from your profile page and start adding status updates.

You'll also want to know about Google Direct Connect, which conveniently ties Google+ Pages with Search Results – however, they aren't releasing this to the small guys, yet:

This is the first post I found about the launch of Google+ Pages (for biz):


Definitely read this page, as it will help you get started.

Next I found this link to two pages you want to add to your circles:

Google+ Your Business:

Google+ – not sure of the difference, but both were created today:

Next up, the Differences between Google+ Pages and Google+ Profiles page from Google:

Here's a link to some of the Google Folks:

Dennis Troper – The Google+ Project:

Bradley Horowitz VP Product, Google+:

He  announced the Muppets will be doing a hangout this afternoon (so you know he's connected, hee hee).  Here's the Muppet's video announcing their involvement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YWVcemZSGk

Yonatan Zunger Chief Architect, Google+:

I'll be adding more, as I find them.  Come back for more!
Please share ones you find, by commenting below!!!

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