Lingoport takes home an IQ Award

Last night, we attended the Boulder County Business Report's annual IQ Awards and my client, Lingoport, won in the Software Category.

The IQ awards recognizes the most innovative new products and services coming out of Boulder county, Colorado.

Congratulations to Adam, Nina and the whole team at Lingoport.

Though a Boulder based company, Lingoport provides services and software to help developers take their product into foreign lands.

With the help of Globalyzer, their propriety software, Lingoport “internationalizes” clients' websites and products to speak like a native in any tongue they are translated into: taking into account culturally appropriate symbols and numerical formats (like dates and currencies).

Basically, before you can translate your software, you have to pull out its guts and sort through millions of lines of code (which Globalyzer does in record time). From there, it doesn't matter whether the product is translated into Japanese, German or Arabic, it will function appropriately for the end user.

Lingoport was up against some strong competition with Rally Software Development (agile development practices) and bpCentral (a suite of interactive financial tools).

Let's give a hand to all the 2007 finalists at the IQ Awards. I was impressed to hear about some of the amazing (and innovative) companies right in my own backyard.

Other winners included: Aerogrow, Lijit, Otologics, Intercambio de Comunidades and more…

Even if my client hadn't won, it would have been a great event. But I have to say, it is more fun to post the win!

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