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One of my favorite email newsletters to get is a collection of blog entries by B.L. Ochman at

She always has great information to share. And her post on making blogs work arrived at the perfect time today.

Last night, I had been reviewing reasons for having a blog with a client. Many of the things I noted are stated in Ochman's What Makes A Blog Popular post.

Her last comment, about keeping entries short, is one I need to constantly remind myself.

So on that note, go read what she has to say…

2 comments on “Blog, blog, blog…

  1. Bethany – thanks for the kind words and the link love.

    i am interested to see that even though you are a blogger you like to get my blog posts in email. I try to provide content in every form people could want: RSS, email and on the blog. I also cross post to MarketingProfs DailyFix blog.

    The readership of the email version of whatsnextblog has remained constant for years, at 4,500 and the open rate is consistently 20-22%, which is kinda remarkable.

    so you might tell clients to offer various versions of their blog for the same reasons.


  2. Wow – my first blog comment and it comes from non-other than one of my inspirations for becoming a blogger.
    Thank you, BL!
    Yes, I agree with your suggestion of cross posting, hearing from you reinforces that to my clients, too.
    I appreciate your sharing those stats with my community! They add even more inspiration for the blog/email combo.
    Focusing on the possibilities
    P.S. You will probably see yourself referenced on the various blogs I have started – please feel free to comment in the future. I feel inspired to know you found me!

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