Website Design: Joseph Brenna’s Guitar Lessons

jbguitarhome-thumb.jpgJoseph is a long time UniqueThink client, one of the originals. So, it was an honor when he came back and asked for help with his websites. He already had a music site, but wanted to gain more exposure as a guitar teacher. With a small budget and a desire to maintain his site himself, we had to find a cost-effective solution that didn’t require a webmaster or html skills.

The answer: Use a WordPress theme (pre-made template with a built in Content Management System) and customize it to look like his existing site.

The process: The steps included evaluating his current site, taking time to review his vision of the new site, brainstorming ideas to make the visitors’ experience more seamless, and finding a template that would allow us to customize it to fit Joseph’s vision.

There were graphical elements on his existing site that Joseph wanted to incorporate, so when someone clicked from one to the other they would know there was an association. Using these elements, we created a new header specific for the guitar site. We then obtained testimonials and photos from several of his students, and offered to link back to their own sites.

We created static pages (for traditional pages like the About and Contact pages) with navigation along the top of the page. Then, we took advantage of the Web 2.0 blog feature and set up sections that would allow Joseph a venue to add FAQs and online video instructions in the future.

The results: Joseph loved the ease of the Content Management System and proceeded to write multiple blog posts in a single afternoon. We saw his new site immediately begin to rise in Google with multiple entries for his main keyword phrase. A new student signed up within days and he even began to brainstorm ideas on his own. Our favorite idea that he thought of on his own: Use the new posting feature to offer his students’ a venue to list their own performances on the new site.

josephbw.jpgHi Bethany,

I love using the WordPress site you set up for my guitar lessons page!

It’s incredibly easy to use, and provides many more ways for visitors to get involved and interact than a conventional website.

Since I’m saving tons of time by not having to resort to Dreamweaver when I update, we should use WordPress when you redesign my main site.

Thanks for all of your marketing ideas, web savvy, design, and training on the new tools you’ve provided for me. Whereas I previously dreaded this aspect of my business, now I’m having fun with it!

Joseph Brenna

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