Web Usability and Site Redesigns/Revamping

To us it is critical to include marketing elements in your site design.  We like to start by reviewing your current site from the visitor's view.  When evaluating a site, UniqueThink looks at it like a hurried customer with limited time. We explore how quickly we can get to what we want – what the site, products and services are all about – and how comfortable and secure we feel as we follow the path to sale.

The overall effectiveness of the site is judged: navigation, use of language and relevant content to initiate response to call for actions, copy vs. white space ratio, ease to find and obtain what “they” perceive they are looking to obtain, ways to navigate them thru site to sale, ecommerce process (including incentives, upsells, follow ups), and trackability factors to gauge success (by client and company’s standards).

Why not have us evaluate your site? Depending on the size and complexity of your site, we can begin the process immediately.

Call us today for a 1 hour free consultation to discuss your current site's challenges: (720) 771-3271 or drop us an email using our secure online contact form now.

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