Sponsorship: PlayFair Toys Retail Toy Store

Community Awareness: People assumed PlayFair Toys must have closed, after all the mall surrounding it laid in crumbles. Yet, PlayFair held their ground as buildings were torn down and a new complex was constructed. We knew there must be a way to remind the community about this 20 year old locally owned toy store.

The answer: Find a genuine way to be top of mind with their core audience (kids and their parents). What better way then a family celebration?

The process: When a NY promoter decided to host a monthly discotheque for toddlers and their folks, called Baby Loves Disco, we put our dancing shoes on and showed them our moves. UniqueThink worked with both organizations (representing PlayFair to Baby Loves Disco) and created a mutually effective sponsorship program:

• Donations of toys and books for Chill Out areas: PlayFair sponsorship fliers lined the walls of 3 sectioned off areas dedicated to fun spaces for kids who need a break from the dance floor
• Monthly Prize Giveaways excite kids of all ages
• Entry Forms double as a permission based mailing list
• Coupons thank parents for participating and provide an easy takeaway reminder of the store locations
• Stickers and bags with PlayFair’s name offer additional exposure
• MC announcements provide sponsorship recognition, while highlighting giveaways
• PlayFair prize packages are prominently displayed with demos, allowing hands on exposure

The results: This event gave PlayFair a venue outside of the store, to remind people they were not only still open, but also hip, educational and fun. Products were not sold at the event, instead they were highlighted through must-have giveaways. At the April ‘06 event, 41% of attendees signed up for prize giveaways. Of those, 85% gave permission to be included on future mailings. Additionally, PlayFair’s name became associated with a monthly event filled with fun for families and friends.

Side benefits included an introduction to co-sponsors such as Wild Oats. Together, the sponsors explored further community-related happenings.

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