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Lingoport’s Redesigned WebsiteLingoport has a unique product and service that helps companies internationalize their software (to support multiple languages, date/time formats, phone numbers, currencies and locale-sensitive formatting). Their clients range from established global technology leaders to companies making their first efforts outside their home market. The first thing they shared about themselves was “We’ve pretty much left marketing out of our equation so far, and have survived on sales and partnerships.” The challenge was how to leverage what they have succeeded to do and bring the company to their next level?

The answer: Use the viral aspect of the Internet to build a solid online presence, by taking advantage of the knowledge-base the company had already developed.

The process: While making it apparent that Lingoport’s staff are the experts on internationalization, we also recognized they were becoming the preferred choice of many of the top localization companies.

To support both efforts, we redesigned the website to provide a venue for up to date information about the complete software globalization process. In addition to building offline partnerships with the localization companies, we provided them online resources in the form of extensive and growing FAQs, a glossary of industry terms, and a library dedicated to internationalization and localization white papers and pre-recorded webinars.

We re-purposed their white papers as a vehicle to strengthen their adwords campaigns. By re-evaluating keywords, ad copy and landing pages, we cut adwords’ cost per clicks by over $800 a month, while using this tool as a more efficient lead-generation method.

Autoresponder tools allowed us to instantaneously provide the requested study, then follow up 10 days later to see if the prospect had further questions. The prospect was also provided access to the complete white paper library and the company newsletters.

A newsletter (with industry news, articles, case studies and info about new white papers and webinars) was created to share information with potential and existing clients, as well as localization partners.

The results: Each newsletter helps Lingoport to remain top of mind in the industry, opening doors to more avenues of exposure, new partnerships and larger accounts.

The blog functionality of the site is used to archive the newsletters, press releases and to highlight the company's presence in the media. These sections also offer exposure for new press opportunities and help to increase organic search engine results for their top keywords.

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