Joint Ventures: DreamQuest’s Computer/Cell Phone Card Games

DreamQuest wanted to break into the mobile phone arena. They had a popular PC-based set of computer card games (with a core demographic of retired school teachers). Their new audience (primarily business travelers with high end cell phones) was a different kind of player. How do they keep their faithful fans, while making the transition and increase exposure/sales?The answer: Create successful joint venture promotions with top (non-competing, yet relevant) software developers, manufactures of hand held devices (such as Nokia and Palm) and major media (such as London Times and Handango).

The process: First, it was important to begin to establish relationships with in the industry. Through asking for assistance in areas we were unfamiliar with and sharing insights on areas we already excelled in.

At the same time, we evaluated our marketing materials. DreamQuest had an existing email newsletter, but it was text based only. By transforming it with graphical elements, navigational functionality, and trackable cross-promotional tie-ins.

Additionally, we placed prominent coupon offers for monthly special promotion. We also incorporated a giveaways and monthly card tips.

The results: In addition to increasing sales, we built long-lasting relationships within the industry and the media, as well as won multiple trade related and consumer based awards.

Bethany demonstrated the exceptional ability to adapt and apply proven marketing techniques to our product line in an industry she did not have prior experience with…she increased our sales by 75%, breaking all existing company sales records.

– Cynthia Williamson – Vice President, Sales & Marketing for DreamQuest Software

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