Joint Venture and Cross Promotional campaigns

Partnering with a like-minded (complimentary and non-competitive) product or service to offer one another’s audience a chance to get familiar with the other.

Featured exposure can be in the form of a newsletter, a teleseminar or webinar and introduces the partner to an extension of their own niche.

UniqueThink can help you determine the appropriate partners, method of exposure and how to provide a time-sensitive discount offer to the new audience.

Some steps involved include:  creating sales copy, tracking links and landing pages for introduction to the product or service – may also require an affiliate tracking system and/or registration and sales process, along with additional sales copy, tracking links, landing pages, process options.

But don't you worry about those details, that is what UniqueThink takes care of for you.

Call us today for your complimentary 1/2 Hour Consultation: (720) 771-3271 or contact us by our secure email form.

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