Internet based promotions

What's more fun than planning contests, games, giveaways, coupons, ads, joint venture partnerships, web content, email campaigns, articles to build awareness of products and/or services?

OK, so we are a bit dorky in our excitement, but we really do find planning and executing these types of online campaigns to be a blast.

Why not have UniqueThink create original and effective promotions for your site, or in conjunction with an appropriate outlet to get people further along a process to a sale?

We can brainstorm initial ideas, review appropriate tools, coordinate the development and project management, handle the implementation, the follow thru and the follow up.

Elements can include: creation of campaigns, reviewing available tools, establishing outlets, setting up sales letters, landing pages, email collection tools, call to actions, follow up and e-commerce solutions. Oh, yeah, and the fun part for you, having us do what we identify with as fun, while you focus on the aspects of your company which you excel at.

Come on, let us have some fun today. Call us for a free 20 minute consultation to see how we can find appropriate, yet entertaining, ways to reach your audience: (720) 771-3271 or email us using our nifty (and secure) email contact form.

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