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Snipshot a free way to edit pictures online

This is a basic editing tool for photos. I have Photoshop, and though I love it, when all I need is a quick crop (say to add a logo to this page), I head over to Snipshot. Before Photoshop can even launch, I've already edited and loaded the image!

Here is an example:

I started with this one:

and I wanted to crop out the cup only:

castle close

This only took seconds to do.castle close rounded

I then wanted to round the corners – so I need to use another site called roundpic – which is also a free tool and I talk about here – and to the right is an example of the finished image with rounded corners:

Keep in mind, I did these quickly, to give you an example, but it does show how easy it is to do.

*As with all tools mentioned on this site, they are just suggested options, UniqueThink can not be responsible for support or problems associated with downloading or using these tools. However, please let us know if you have serious concerns about this or any tool mentioned, so we can let others know as well (or remove the tool from this section).

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