Free BaseCamp Collaboration Tool

Working with a group and saying in communication just got easier

Basecamp project management and collaboration

Do you need a tool to help a group project keep organized? Are you working with multiple people and finding communications are getting lost along the way? Or hearing those fatal words, “Oh, did we tell you that? Sorry, we must have forgotten to cc you.” If so, you are gonna love Basecamp.

I just started using Basecamp on a project with 4 others. Lynn – from this group – suggested this tool. It allows us to share information and have one central location to review past comments. It's brilliant, just try it.

*As with all tools mentioned on this site, they are just suggested options, UniqueThink can not be responsible for support or problems associated with downloading or using these tools. However, please let us know if you have serious concerns about this or any tool mentioned, so we can let others know as well (or remove the tool from this section).

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