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Wild Divine Email NewsletterThe Wild Divine Project, creators of The Journey to Wild Divine (a computer adventure using biofeedback technology as an entertaining way to combat stress) requested UniqueThink to create an informative monthly newsletter, with articles and tips. The newsletter effectively increased sales, while growing the subscription base through successfully implemented marketing campaigns. It also established an avenue for joint venture promotions with companies who shared a similar vision and business ethic.

Journey to Wild Divine was a new type of product – a video game designed to help remove stress from your daily life. When most video games were designed to induce stress, this one was created with biofeedback technology to help you understand your body’s response. Now, the goal was to find a venue to communicate with those interested.

The answer: Create a monthly newsletter to reach out and build an online community for the international attention they were receiving.

The process: Incorporate various articles, tips and support topics into the layout, while keeping the visual integrity of the game in mind. The graphics were an important aspect of the game, but the process of how you could learn stress reduction in this virtual world and then tap into it in real life situations maked this game unique. Since it was a game that taught you how to calm your body down in stressful situations, we did a series of introductory articles from the creator, Corwin Bell, as well as sharing news about the involvement of such luminaries as Dr. Deepak Chopra.

The newsletter provided areas to feature other related projects to encourage sales, as well as provide venues for joint partnership opportunities.

We created an Exclusive Offer section, featuring a special promotional offer and a contest (to meet Deepak Chopra).

To view how these elements worked, click on the image of the Wild Divine Newsletter and you will be taken to the page where it remains archived. This will allow you to see how the intended audience perceived it.

The results: Wild Divine began to build a community following, increasing their list by 78% over the first few months. They created a venue to begin successful joint ventures with prominent companies and individuals throughout the Wellness industry. And, since the newsletter was archived online, it has evergreen stories that continue to increase their search engine rankings years later.

Wild Divine joint venture email blast

We also did email blasts:

Special limited time promotional emails, featuring a specific product, either from Wild Divine or from a relevant industry partner.

In this example, its main focus was for a joint venture partnership, yet there are reminders of 3 other offers from the newsletter, at the bottom.

2 comments on “Email Newsletters: Wild Divine Game (Stress Reduction Tool)

  1. Hi Rona:

    Yes, it was an effective strategy, at the time. I’m now doing email newsletters a bit differently, so should probably put up a new post about that. Thanks for the inspiration to write about that.

    As for an affiliate program for Wild Divine, yes, they do have one – go to: Wild Divine’s Affiliate page for more details.

    Focusing on the possibilities,

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