Can Facebook Help BtoB Companies?

When I meet with my B-to-B clients, they often assume that Facebook is not the right place for their business.

And, well…there are always companies that are there to prove them wrong.

Facebook for BtoB Can Be SuccessfulFor instance, I was reading this article about how a company called SteelMaster Buildings is having great success using Facebook to reach new Business to Business customers.

To be fair, the article does suggest Facebook doesn't exactly scream out as the ideal place for this business to succeed.  Yet, they are!

So, why is that?  What are these folks doing on Facebook that is so interesting?  And, more importantly, how can your company emulate them?

There are 3 things they are doing well:

1. Solving Problems – they are sharing unique ideas of how people are resolving issues by using their products

2. Telling Stories – they are encouraging existing customers to tell their stories about how the products benefited them.  This social proof inspires prospects to get in touch with the company to ‘solve their own problems.' See what I did there? The one leads to the other.

3. Creating curiosity

What's that?  Your curious about how they are doing it?  Well, read the rest of the story on Target Marketing's site.

Oh, and visit SteelMaster Buildings' Facebook page, if you want to see what they are up to – and learn from them!

Example of how UniqueThink uses Facebook to highlight client's workEasy Action Steps to get Started:

1. Take pictures (with your phone – since you always have that on you), when on a job site/visiting a client.  Take pictures of everything, but especially if folks are using your products in an interesting way!

2. Post the best images on Facebook and mention the client– if the client is on Facebook use the @companyname.  If the client isn't on Facebook, drop them a quick email and let them know you mentioned them.

We all love when people think what we are doing is cool, so they will probably be jazzed that you mentioned them.  And, they might even comment or share it with others!

Even if they don't head back to your Facebook page, others – visiting the page or seeing your post on their News Feed – might get inspired!

SIDE NOTE: What's that, you aren't on Facebook yet?  You want to know if you should wait to take pictures? NO!  Take them anyway.  You can always write a blog post and include the pictures in an email newsletter.  After all, that's what I am doing here (plus adding it to Facebook)!

Inciting Inspiration: Don't wait to get started, or you will never do it.  Just begin. And improve as you go along!

Remember, even SteelMaster's had to start somewhere.  I went back to when they first started on Facebook, in Aug 2009.  They've come a long way, and they obviously think Facebook is working – if they've been doing it for 4 years!

Don't let 4 years go by, waiting to get started! Snap a picture and post it today!



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  1. Thanks for this valuable info Beth! I hope you stop by my site and also like our CabinPress Studio FB Page. Great post on the wedding experience too!

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