Two important insights about Facebook Usernames

1. Did you know: You can change your Facebook Username, ONE TIME ONLY, as long as it isn't associated with another account.

Previously, this was not available to pages, but it now is.  So, if in the past you were told you couldn't, you will be glad to know, now you can!

Here is a screenshot showing How to Change Your Facebook User Name: How To Change Your Facebook Username

2. Someone asked this question about Facebook Usernames that I thought was worth sharing:

QUESTION: If you want to combine two Facebook accounts, using the username from the one you want to cancel, how would you do it?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't allow you to transfer a username.

They perceive it as squatting.

Here is what Facebook says:
We have a no transferability policy. You can't secure a username on one account and then transfer it to another.

For more info about usernames on Facebook, read this:

MORAL: Make sure you brand yourself, when you create the Username.

Did you have a question about Facebook Usernames?  If so, let us know by commenting below…

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