Can YOU Change Facebook’s Privacy Policy?

Facebook has had a lot of controversy about their Privacy Policy, over the years.  So, this time they are trying something new.

They are asking YOU to give your feedback as they create a more interactive and easier to understand version of the newest Facebook Privacy Policy.

Interestingly, they announced it quietly, on the Facebook Site Governance page, with a post called:

A Privacy Policy Re-imagined For Users Like You

This post talks about what they are doing and why, as well as asking for user feedback.

That post then leads you to a new ‘test' Privacy page called Data Use Policy, which looks like this (and notes it is not the official privacy policy and gives a link to the current one):

Facebook's New Privacy Policy Page

There are a couple of things I noticed: They talk about how it is going to be more interactive and visual, but right now, I found myself getting pulled off the privacy policy and sucked deeper into Facebook.

For instance, I saw the words Video and thought the videos were going to talk about the Privacy Policy changes.

When you click the Videos link, this is what you see (a bunch of words/links, but no video screens):

Facebook Privacy Videos are only links

I am sure they will be improving on it, or I hope so, at least!

When I first landed here, I thought I'd see video screens to view, so I began to scroll for them.  Then, I realized FB was just providing links to the individual videos.  Why not put screen shots of the videos up?

Even Worse: They gave the video titles like Learn More 1/3, which don't tell what the videos are about.  But I clicked and this is what I got:

Controlling Your Sharing on Facebook

These videos are 9 months old, blurry (cloudy), hard to view (even in full screen mode), and not well labeled. The other thing about these videos is they have been there for some time with other users seeking help to find out how to view them better, but Facebook has not offered any solutions, yet.  Maybe they are going to redo them, as they redo the Privacy Policy Interactive Page?

MORE CONFUSION? The videos weren't about Privacy Policy, but Privacy Settings.  Though important, this led me off the subject of the actual content of the privacy policy… was that their intent?

Like all things Facebook, are they just trying to get us deeper in, forgetting what we came there for and, oh, yeah, it just happens that I got to see more Facebook ads, while all this was going on.  But, where were we?  Yes, that's right, the content of the Privacy Policy…

So this is where you come in, take a look around (but word of caution, stay focused on the new ‘test' Privacy Policy content) and let them know, (and me, too, by posting a comment below) what you like and or want to see them change in it.

This could be our opportunity to help shape not only Facebook's Privacy Policy, but that of all the Internet.  After all, if they DO get it right, others will follow!

What do you think, are they doing things right?  Which parts work vs. which need to be changed?  And, most importantly, are you able to stay focused on the new Privacy Policy or did you end up deep within the belly of Facebook?  Share your experience!

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