Unique Client Profile

Bethany Siegler, of UniqueThink Online Marketing and Web Design, will be guiding you through her Unique Client Profile: the process of identifying your ideal clients, who they are and how they think, to create a message that motivates them.

Clarification of Message: The process of understanding your ideal clients’ needs and motivations is an important step in clarifying your message.  The Unique Client Profile is usually done along side a client survey, but stands alone from that process.

  • The goal is to discover who your ideal clients are: describe them thoroughly (what they look like, how they act, what is important to them), understand what they need/want, and determine what motivates them to take an appropriate action.
  • Once this is established, it will be a lot easier to understand how to speak to them not only on your site, but in all your communications and marketing efforts.

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