Survey Your Clients

Why would you want to Survey Your Existing Clients?

Creating a survey helps to get a deeper understanding of the needs and motivations of the people you already work with, who love your services and products.
With the correct set of questions, you can guide them to evaluate tools and resources that your company can easily supply/create.

You also get insights on what works and doesn't work with your current offerings.

AND, equally important, you get to ask the people who know and love what you do why they choose you in the first place.

This helps to identify how to speak to new potential clients and customers.

After all, if you have people who already dig what you do, and who you enjoy working with, why not explore how to find more people like them?

The survey can be a stand alone project offered by UniqueThink, or for stronger more powerful results, we recommend you do it in combination with our Unique Client Profile.

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