Quick Email Marketing Tip: Include a Signature Line

Updated April, 2019: This was originally written in Oct, 2010. So we spruced it up.

Here is a Quick Email Tip: Set up a signature line to appear at the bottom of every email you send out (whether in an email newsletter or everyday correspondence).

Include (among other info):

  • Your Name
  • Company Name
  • Phone #
  • URL (include http:// (or preferably you are at https://) to make it a live link they can click on)
  • Email Address

Yes, even though you are sending out the email – you want to include your email address. Why? Well, sometimes people cut and paste your contact info to refer you to others, and doing this just makes it easier for everyone.

Other things to consider:

  • Links to your social media profiles
  • A call to action such as a special offer or: “Contact Me for a Free Consultation
  • Your title – if that is important for you to share
  • Where you are located – again, depends on what you do, whether that is important to include

Here is an example of what I use:

UniqueThink: Online Marketing & WordPress Websites
https://uniquethink.com • 720.771.3271 • Contact me via Email
Find me on:
LinkedIn • Facebook • Pinterest •  Twitter

As I mentioned, you should have this on every email you send out.  Email applications make it easy to set up an automated signature line. 

The reason to include it on every email, even if you are responding to folks, is to make it easier for them, if they do need to call you.

Years ago, I used to only include my phone number on the first email I sent to folks. 

One day, a client was trying to call me.  She couldn't find my business card, which she usually used to contact me.  So, she went into her saved emails and had to scroll through a bunch of them, until she found my phone #.

You get to benefit from my hard learned lesson! Let's make it easy for folks to contact us.  So, just have it automatically added to every email, if that is easiest for you.

BONUS TIP NOTE: In the above example, I've taken out my email address and linked to the contact form on my site. In the actual email signature line, I do list my email address.

So, why not on the example in this post?

To avoid spam robots (scripts created by spammers) coming to my site and grabbing my email address I never list email addresses anywhere online – instead, I link to a contact form. Do this and you'll cut down on spam.

Do you have any tips for what to include in a signature line?  If so, comment below to share it with all of us.

5 comments on “Quick Email Marketing Tip: Include a Signature Line

  1. This is a great, and often under-utilized, tip. One thing not mentioned, is putting a link to subscribe to your newsletters in your email signature.


    • Thanks Andy: That is a great additional tip! Yes, as Andy mentions, remind folks they can get more free and useful advice, when they sign up for your newsletter. And, this makes for a good time to remind folks to sign up for my UniqueThink e-newsletter!

      Andy, I appreciate your suggestion! Nice to hear from you.

  2. Some great tips here, Bethany! I love the idea of a promotion; making it seasonal, even better. The emails you (and your organization) send everyday can be a terrific marketing tool. They’re often forwarded around, both in and out of the recipients office. You never know where your email may end up! Great to have a signature as you suggest.

    • Thanks Danielle: Yes, a seasonal promotion, mentioning a new release, announcing a service, they all work great. When UniqueThink was starting out, I used to mention my current clients’ projects, in the signature line, and it actually got me unexpected new work. Once I put in a feature request for a software product, the owner emailed me back saying he’d add the feature, and also wanted to talk with me, because he saw I worked with another software developer mentioned in my signature line. He has now been a client since 2006! So, it can work to bring in work! Thanks for the comments. On a side now: Your site design is lovely.

  3. I love the advice about the email signature. When I need someone’s phone number or email address – even people I work with all the time – the first place I look is at an email from them. I always get frustrated if I can’t find a phone number in the email signature and have to look elsewhere. Good advice!

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