Getting Started With WordPress Workshops

Learn how, and why, to use WordPress for your complete web solution.  Set up and create sites (as well as blogs) using

Getting Started with WordPress – For Content Creators
Monday, July 06, 2009 | 6pm – 9pm For description and more info, click here

Getting Started with WordPress – Web Developers
Tuesday, July 14, 2009 | 6pm – 9pm For description and more info, click here

BDA Studio
2510 47th Street, Suite 202, Boulder, CO  80301

Registration and more info available at

OK, many of you have been asking us to do this, and it ends up that due to family circumstances Doug won't be able to teach his normal WordPress Workshop for Boulder Digital Arts.  So, Angela Bowman and I will be doing it for him.

If you have been wanting to learn how to set up for yourself, instead of hiring me to do it for you, this is the time and place.

You actually benefit from both Angela and my own experience.  Interestingly, we both took Doug's class a couple of years before we met each other.  So, when we did meet, we were so excited to find someone else who loved building websites (not just blogs), from the fantastic WordPress tool set.

Anyway, for these classes, you get both of us teaching you all we learned from Doug, originally, plus all we've learned since.

So take full advantage of it.  Instead of paying one of us our normal hourly fee, you get both of us for 3 full hours, per class.

There are two options, and taking both classes could be beneficial, depending on your goals.

The first Workshop is for those who want to run the site themselves, to understand the power of as a content-creation or management tool, plus a review of the marketing advantages of using it.

The other workshop is  for using as a site-building tool ( bit more technical, so it's geared toward those who want to learn all the nooks and crannies).

There will be a review of plugins during both classes, and some of the content will overlap, so if you have questions on which to take, call me and we'll figure it out.

Sign Up Now, while there are seats available! Or contact me with any questions

There's going to be lots of fun information.

Getting Started with WordPress – For Content Creators

Getting Started with WordPress – Web Developers

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    • Thanks everyone who posted and as for Anika’s question, the current theme (though that could change at any time, gotta love WordPress!) is Arthemia theme by Michael Hutagalung – however, I customized it with my preferred colors. Let me know what other questions come up.

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