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Ian Traynor – out of the UK – is one of the few Internet Marketers whose email newsletter, Marketing Update, I find rather useful. Most months, I am too busy to read all the newsletters I subscribe to, but when I do find time, I always know I am going to find at least one helpful tip in Ian's.

This last issue was no exception, because it offered a tool I have been searching for: A screen shot capture tool that is free.

His recommendation is Screen Shoot It. And, if you are on a PC, get it free and see a tutorial from his page at:

Since I work with lots of clients who are on PCs, I have been meaning to look for a good screen shot tool. So was delighted by Ian's post.

I have not tried this tool and can't vouch for it, but I can tell you I have continuously been impress enough with Ian's email newsletter that I bet this tool works well.

So, why haven't I tried it myself?

Because this (and most of Ian's recommended products) are on PC, and I am on a Mac.

By the way, in case you are a Mac user and don't know this, Apple allows you to easily capture a screen shot by just hitting Shift Apple 3 (for the whole page) or Shift Apple 4 to crop a section of the page. This option makes a .png file for you, which can easily load to a web page.

And, yes, I know with a PC you can hit the Print Screen option and then open a word document and place it in there, but then you have to still make it a .png or .jpg file. Screen Shoot It automatically does that for you. And it is free.

I did see a screen shot tool by Gadwin called PrintScreen, but the screen shot examples they use are blurry, and since I am not able to test it, I can't tell if the actual ones created by this screen shot software are going to be clear or not. Here's the link, if you want to try Gadwin's free Print Screen software:

Again, I have not gotten to try either of these softwares out, because – as I mentioned above – I am on a Mac. So if you have tried them – or another free screen shot application, please let us know by commenting below.

*As with all tools mentioned on this site, they are just suggested options, UniqueThink can not be responsible for support or problems associated with downloading or using these tools. However, please let us know if you have serious concerns about this or any tool mentioned, so we can let others know as well (or remove the tool from this section).

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