Who should you send your press release to?

Trying to find the correct journalists and bloggers to write about your services/product?

Well, hopefully, MediaSync is gonna make it much easier to know who writes about your industry or subject matter.

Today, I came across a Press Release announcing a free service called MediaSync by a company called mBLAST.

The MediaSync site has this to say about their offerings (keep in mind, just because they mention it being for professionals, doesn't mean it isn't simple enough for you to use on your own):

MediaSync is a free online resource that allows you as a Marketing or PR Professional to:

  • Quickly identify, connect with and track reporters, editors, analysts, bloggers and others in the media/analyst community who are assigned to a specific beat and/or write on specific topics relevant to your marketing activities;
  • Have your “press list” become an always-up-to-date roster of media contacts for use in your daily marketing activities, such as briefings, phone follow-ups and email distributions;

Find and participate in upcoming editorial opportunities via editorial calendars and/or ad-hoc press inquiries.

I just tried it out and it does have some good info already, yet doesn't seem to have too many upcoming editorial opportunities (but the service is new, so that is to be expected). Hope to see more of that soon! In the meantime, they do list who has written what, in the recent past.  So check them out, do a search for your topic, and see who tends to write about products/services like yours.  This way, you can get more familiar with them and, then, send the correct folks your relevant press release.  Let me know what you think of MediaSync, by commenting below.

P.S.  Though UniqueThink can help with small press opportunities, we focus more on finding alternative ways to extend your reach through social media and email marketing.  If you are looking for a Public Relations agency to handle all your PR needs, we have several recommendations, such as Keeton PR (a great boutique PR firm in Denver, CO and a UniqueThink client).

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