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It is always rewarding when you can find another reputable voice who writes up some of the same things you've already been saying about how to get maximum impact from your blog.

Blogging ImpactRecently, Marketing Sherpa dedicated their Chart of the Week to a graph showing how to insure maximum impact from your blog (click on the chart to see their post).

Among the things they point out, in this quick read, are what they call the ‘three absolutes in blogging':

1. Genuine, heartfelt content – too often, this one throws corporate clients, when it shouldn't. After all, when you meet folks face to face don't you find that you are most effective when you are genuine and present? Why wouldn't you want your website to be as effective?

2. Regular updates – Simply stated: Your blog needs to be providing continuous content, to make the greatest impact and to get folks back for more!

3. Focus – Instead of focusing on what everyone else is, why not be highly focused on an aspect of your industry that is important, but (none the less) missing from everyone else's site?

Read what Marketing Sherpa had to say about all this…

And, let me know what you are doing to make your blog more impactful for your readers…

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