Celia Bockhoff (Boulder, CO)

Thoughtful Design, Thought Out Content:

Take a look at the new site for Celia Bockhoff MSW, LCSW, SEP of Essential Voice Psychotherapy and let us know what you think!

Celia was going through a major shift in her therapy practice. She wanted a website that not only aesthetically reflected her new direction, but also released her story. It was important to let the site visitors get an instant connection with their potential new therapist. To allow them to meet the person they will be sharing deep revelations with during their sessions.

We are comfortably introducing them to the inspiring, unique process she takes them through.

Conveying the voice of Celia’s therapy practice

Celia told us UniqueThink’s process gave song to her voice. She recognized the value of our deep view into where her company is and where it is headed, which our DiscoverIt consultation reveals. Celia explains  it well, in her own words:

I had a very thorough and illuminating process in developing my website. The Discovery process helped me clearly identify and articulate my core message in a way that people could relate to. Throughout the process of developing the website, you helped me focus in on the words and messages that had the most clarity and resonance – and that was great.

We started with an in-depth view of the new clients she is looking to attract. This helps us understand how to speak with them, and what they might be looking to understand about the process of working with Celia.

Designing a Presence

Celia brought in a fantastic illustrator who presented a refreshing take on her logo mark. This, along with professional photographs, provided the base UniqueThink used to incorporate images and graphics into the site’s redesign.

Celia shared these thoughts on the design process:

 …the last push we did was very energizing! And Bethany I was so very pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful design you created for my website. I’ve gotten so many compliments about it! And your expertise in design really has made a difference – the site runs smoothly and and efficiently, and has an invitational presence throughout. Beautifully done!

Her old site was not mobile friendly, so using responsive design we assured the new site looks and functions beautifully on any device. Because we built it in WordPress, it is easy for a sole proprietor like Celia to continuously add content.

She provides inspiring content with useful insights on her blog and provides an opportunity to stay connected with an email signup box.

Plus, she wrote to tell us that it is getting great results!

I continue to get positive responses about my new website. Everyone thinks it’s just beautiful . 🙂  I have also gotten a few new (or old returning) clients from the newsletter/ website – so things are going well.

– Celia Bockhoff

We love how the new site is inspiring her to take action on the newsletter, as well! What about you? Ready to start your own website and/or email marketing campaign? Find out about how our DiscoverIt process provides insightful and thoughtful consultations about what truly belongs on your website.