Avalanche Commercial Cleaning (Boulder, CO)

Content Strategy, Marketing, and Messaging
for a Business to Business commercial cleaner

Campaigns Included:
Website Redesign, Email Newsletter, Marketing, and Brand Identity

A WordPress WebsiteFor BusinessTo Business Cleaning Service

This is a collaborative project with my brilliant team. Dana Stillman of Inspire Graphics, Angela Bowman of Moongoose Design, and Kristen Bason of Shine

When Avalanche Commercial Cleaning came to us, they wanted to make sure it was clear to the search engines and the people landing on their website that their services were to clean office buildings.

Prior to working with us, they were getting more calls from homeowners than office managers, and that needed to be cleaned up.

We started with a discovery phase, identifying who their audience was (office managers & property managers), how they searched for them, and what motivated them to take action.

To do this we began by:

  • Sending a survey to their existing clients asking for feedback
  • Interviewing the owner about his best clients to strategize about getting more like them
  • Performing a Keyword Research Campaign

With this information in hand, we created effective messaging through words and images that spoke directly to the people they serve best.

We redesigned & developed a beautiful & action-oriented WordPress website.

From there, we worked with the staff to create a meaningful content marketing strategy – one that allows them to create fun and easy How-To messages, using their blog and an email marketing campaign.

The blog lets them educate new visitors, while providing existing clients with handy tips.

A cleaning service is a silent business – their workers come in after the typical employees leave the office for the evening. So, when you do everything right, your services go unnoticed. Yet, we wanted to remind the folks that we were there to help them.

This is where email marketing came in handy. Those great blog posts, they were summarized into an easy-to-use email newsletter template once a month.

Just a friendly reminder to show how hard they work for their corporate clients, silently, in the background – but are there to give useful office-related tips – like preparing for flu season and changes in recycling laws in Boulder County.

Thank you for checking the Google Analytic…. It does seem the traffic has increased to me, as well. The best news is that I have had some request for quotes come in and have gained at least one new customer (directly from the launch)!

Have a great day!

Robert Paterno
Avalanche Commercial Cleaning, Inc.

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