Adams County Youth Initiative (ACYI – Adams County, CO)

Project: Content Strategy, Marketing and Messaging for a non-profit

Campaigns Included: Website Redesign, Email Newsletter and Partnership Report

This is a collaborative project with my brilliant team. Dana Stillman of Inspire Graphics, Angela Bowman of Moongoose Design, and Kristen Bason of Shine

What if you are a non-profit organization helping youth find their path in life, but have lost your own way?

When ACYI first approached us, this was the case.

Their focus had shifted (though not away from helping kids) and they weren’t getting the funding they once had (due to government cutbacks). They recognized they didn’t know how to communicate their directional changes to their audience.

They needed help with a variety of different projects:

  • Overall Marketing Message & Strategy
    • Help them find their voice to talk with their community of partners
  • Content creation for their Annual Partnership Report
    • Make sure we told the story of the successes they had achieved
  • Website and Blog content strategy
    • Identify who the site served to understand what they need
    • Survey existing audience about how the new site could benefit them
    • Keyword Research to make sure we use the same words as the people searching for them
  • Email Newsletter
    • An email announcing the relaunch of their website
    • Create a new mobile-friendly template they can easily reuse month after month
    • Ongoing content that works for their busy, small team

Though their organization benefits kids, the people they engage with are community partners, funders/donors, volunteers/mentors, and parents.

Their actual service is connecting together each of these entities. They don’t offer programs. They evaluate which programs are most successful and which need help to become effective, and then they distribute resources appropriately.

First things first, we sat down and interviewed them about who each of their partners are and what is important for them to understand.

In some cases, with a non-profit, there are people who mean well yet have differing agendas. Understanding what is important to each group helps you talk to the whole more efficiently.

The one thing the different groups have in common is: Each truly wants to help and support the kids.

It’s about aligning everyone’s goals to what’s most important – working together to help kids succeed.
So, the most significant message to convey is how working together connects critical resources: Together we succeed

What better introduction to the site than this:
Tagline copy creation for a non-profit


ACYI received several grants directly resulting from the shift created in the marketing materials.

They are also communicating and partnering more effectively with the business leaders, school districts, and faith-based organizations within Adams County.

As a small non-profit with a huge vision it was important for us to create the voice our many audiences could understand and own.

As a result of working with UniqueThink, we have attracted new partners, new revenue, and are able to get back to driving our work to outcomes!

Becky Hoffman – Executive Director, Adams County