So fun, we did it twice!

Yep, it took us 19 years to do it, then (once we did) we got married twice in 2023!

We are fortunate that our Florida family put together a beautiful, intimate, wedding celebration for us, so my mom and my dad could see Stan and me exchanging vows.

Everyone contributed in such fantastic ways. My mom graciously escorted Stan in (in honor of his parents, which meant the world). My father threw the event, and (as dad said) Glenn & Piet created it! They gave us their home and handcrafted a storybook wedding – literally with a pedestal made with real books (that Piet built herself), alongside gorgeous table decorations of books, pearls, and hearts shaped from pages… so many amazing details. Then Piet went on a search not to just find a cake, but an amazingly delicious Lemon GF wedding cake of two stacked books & the words Happily Ever After on the spine. (Not to mention, the b-day cake I had to have for everyone who was having a birthday – including Aunt Judi who turned 80, and Amy who had a big 0 day, too).

With the help of everyone but especially Piet and Kayla the decorations were so “Stan & me”.

Glenn coordinated the grounds and kept us on budget.

Amy & Debbie offered so much support for the month leading up to it (hair and dress issues that shouldn't have been, but it wouldn't have been a wedding without hiccups).

P.S. It just occurred to me, as I think of the dress I did finally choose (though not white) I unconsciously channeled Tracy Lord (The Philadelphia Story). Oh and thanks Deb for ironing my dress after it came out of my suitcase!

As we got closer to the date, Piet & Amy would get calls to find this and that. Amy's dear friend Karen, as well Kayla's mother Jeannie, contributed supplies. Jeannie also helped us find someone delightful to do our nails. And, wow, Bri did an awe-inspiring job making up my mom & me (mom was even more beautiful than normal!).

On the day of Amy, Debbie, and Piet (my official unofficial bridal party) supported me in so many ways.  I had figured it was a small event, I won't need much help, ha. It took a village.

Brandon coordinated our music playlists and managed the sound system.

Cory & Nevin sang our wedding song. 

Justin & Micheles' sons David & Jonathan were our ring bearers.

Aunt Judi, Zac & Alexis surprised me with a gerbera daisy bouquet.

Ben flew in from the west coast for the day! Though his family – understandably – wasn't able to join, we can't wait to get to L.A. to celebrate with each of them. Ben & Glenn even arranged a last minute bachelor brunch. 

As the ceremony began, mom escorted Stan in. Then Dad & Marie walked me down the aisle. As soon as Cory & Nevin began the first note of our wedding song the tears started…nope, not mine (well some were mine), it was Stan who wept openly and beautifully.

While Brandon – who made sure everyone could hear our laughter and our tears – also started the ceremony with one of the poems that has meant so much in my relationship with Stan:

Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.”― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Wind, Sand and Stars

Then Cameron began officiating the most beautiful and thoughtful ceremony.

We also had almost the entirety of our intimate 25 guests read a line or two from two additional pieces I picked out. One (read by my siblings and cousins) was written by a Colorado poet – about what love is not. The other piece, I penned, is about what love is. With no rehearsal, I have to say, everyone did an amazing impromptu job! Thanks for letting me put you all on the spot!

Without a doubt, I am forgetting a bazillion small & large things people did that I know about – and then there are all the things I didn't even know people contributed.

Though we missed those who couldn't make it and wish all our friends & family could have been with us, it was lovely that most of our immediate family was able to join us in this thoughtful celebration.

And we are looking forward to celebrating with more of you throughout the year. We're jokingly calling 2023 our Wedding Tour (you know, rock stars that we are).

If you did join us that day and have additional photos to share, please text them to me to add to this page.  Thanks and enjoy the photos below.

The ceremony

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Bethany & Stan
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