Discovery Study and Roadmapping Solution

If you have never done a website/marketing project like the one you are about to embark on OR if you have and it didn’t go well, this is the process for you.

The investment upfront saves you time, money and most importantly avoids frustrations.

It gets you the project you want, the one that makes sense and earns you revenue:

How is the Discovery Study Process useful:

It is a significant tool to guide you as you are crafting your brand, determining the direction of your website, and will remain a practical resource when creating future marketing plans – including engaging/growing your community & email list!

We will unearth notable insights, that can lend to defining how to speak with your unique audience & what is needed on your website

It continues the process you get to sample in our free 1/2 hour initial consult.

It identifies:

  • what truly sets you apart
  • how you’re product/service/support makes their life and/or work that much better
  • what your potential clients need when they arrive at your site and as they navigate your site
  • how to build a roadmap forward – to decide what really belongs on your website

All of this helps to not overbuild – we identify features you specifically need on day one. To stay on (or below) budget, we test and review results, instead of over bloating with technology no one needs.

Additional benefits some clients have received from our discovery studies are actionable steps for content creation, marketing strategies, partnership opportunities, and more.

What others have said about UniqueThink’s process:

As a result of working with UniqueThink, we have attracted new partners, new revenue, and are able to get back to driving our work to outcomes!
– Becky Hoffman Executive Director, Adams County Youth Initiative

Thank you for your insightful encouragement. You bring a unique combination of technical skills and emotional intelligence to your work.
– Susan C Roberts – Jungian Analyst

Great session this morning, where we not only discussed web design, but where the start of a marketing strategy began to form.
– JBWinsor – author

What does the Discovery Study include:

  • Guided Confidential Consultation: The purpose of this session is to determine most effective direction forward for our initial phase, while giving you marketing and/or content ideas. The interview process continues with the set of discovery questions I may have already began asking during our initial consult, and goes deep into reviewing what is needed at different phases of the project
  • Outline of Action Steps: As we proceed through this process, we can brainstorm overall marketing and content ideas and set up easy to implement steps for you, as well as tasks for our team to facilitate. This list of actions is to provide accountability and follow up on the most desirable path forward
  • Recording: Having a video/audio recording allows you to go back and review the conversation = no additional fee for recording the conversation. A written transcript can be added, if desired, to Option 1 – ask for pricing. Option 2 and 3 come with transcription costs listed
    * Be aware, technology sometimes fails, so it is always advisable to take notes during live consultation sessions

Investment Options: I have included 3 options for this process.

Option 1: (estimate 1.5 – 2 hours) based on shortened version = $172.50 – $230

During interview/consult, I will assign actionable steps which your team can write down. In this scenario, after the meeting, you work to prioritize actionable steps for appropriate follow through – while I provide a proposed agreement for direction forward based on what is needed for initial phase, timeline & budget parameters.

Who does this work best for: Those with limited budgets who have an agile mindset: iterative approach to planning and guiding project processes and expand on project in appropriate future phases.

In other words, we plan to build leaner to save costs, up front. Then test results. This allows for us to improve on the experience of the site visitor/end-user. We also get a site/project launched sooner and then build upon successes and add additional features/technology, as the site/project grows.

Option 2: (estimate 8 – 12 hours) – $920 – $1380

You receive all the goodness of Option 1 with added benefits: After the initial interview/consult, we get it transcribed. I’ll then evaluate it, do light research, prioritize action steps, and summarize it in a follow up meeting – specifically about the most important aspects of what we learned. This process gives us more in depth review to determine path forward.

Who does this work best for: Those who understand the need for a full scaled Discovery Study process to help determine direction forward. We can not only have follow up on action steps, but prioritize the process to a greater level. Those whose goals are to plan out a more thorough process upfront benefit from taking the initial time for deeper investigation, exploration and research which this option provides.

Option 3: Customized process including service offerings from Clarification of Messaging

If you are considering UniqueThink’s Naming Process or don’t currently know how to speak with your audience in an impactful fashion, we can also review some of these other services – found on the overall Clarification of Messaging services page – We have several services that help clients determine appropriate names/brand direction.

In option 1 and 2 we can review these additional services, after we’ve had an opportunity to go through the Discovery Survey – and have clarity of which we may need to incorporate. However, Option 3 is for those of you who are already aware that you need some or all of these additional services, please connect with us to review process and pricing.

Who does this work best for: Those whose goals are to plan out the complete Discovery and Clarification process upfront and can take initial time for deeper investigation into who their project serves and how to speak with them. Clients who have chosen this option feel more completion at launch. Contact UniqueThink if you feel this solution could work best for your project.

Pricing Structure:

All projects are billed at our hourly rate and charged per minute, so you are not charged for the full hour if something takes only a few minutes to complete. UniqueThink’s goal is to be as cost-effective in our work together as possible. See our standard terms agreement for more info.

Other Consideration:

It is UniqueThink’s hope that this process provides an opportunity for us to begin a long term partnership. Though UniqueThink’s goal is to make our clients as self-sufficient as they want to be & can be, it is equally our goal to be there when there are marketing & web tasks that make sense for our inclusion (such as one-time processes that are quicker for us to implement than for you to learn).

Ready for our free 1/2 hour consult? If you haven’t already, you can get a taste of this Discovery Study by sitting down with UniqueThink for a free 1/2 hour consultation.

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